How a World War 2 Submarine Works

Some new content including pictures from a recent visit to the Lionfish. Great boat since it is in the original configuration (did not get modified to GUPPY)



I saw this video on one of the Navy Facebook pages earlier today and thought it was worth sharing.

When you think about how complex a machine submarines really are, you can understand why training and qualifications are so important. Compared to any other occupation or job I have had, none come close to creating the sense of urgency and need for exact knowledge and skills.

Mister Mac

Some new content from a recent trip to Battleship Cove in Massachusetts. The Lionfish is a great example of a Fleet Boat since it was never modified to a GUPPY Configuration.

IMG_0308IMG_0313 (2)IMG_0335IMG_0361IMG_0364IMG_0386IMG_0403

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