How Hef saved the world from Communism

From a couple of years ago with a few updates. Many people served this country and the causes of freedom. Most don’t know the important role Hef played. Here is the rest of the story rom a submariner’s perspective…


Disclaimer: Although nothing graphic is shown or discussed in this article, politically speaking, it reflects an age where dinosaurs roamed the earth. Skip to an earlier post or come back later next week if you are easily offended.

Early in the history of theleansubmariner blog, I wrote a piece about what the typical guy took with him on board a submarine for a West Pac or patrol.

I posted the question about what would you take with you on a number of sites and got some pretty typical responses about music, candy, various types of things to drink (non-alcoholic of course). I was writing a response to another question yesterday and it occurred to me that one of the things I didn’t see as a response was something that was rather prominent back in the day: Playboy magazines and pinups.


Hef actually started his career in the Army so…

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