Ten days ago – 100,000 hits Today: 125,000 hits

Thanks for the visits. Thanks for the feedback.

The submarine community and those that support the community have shown a very special kind of support.

A few years ago, I wrote a book about my Dad’s service in the Navy (“Love your son Butch”) It was a son’s way of honoring an uncommon man who was in some people’s eyes a common man who answered his countries call. It was a personal legacy for generations of my family that will come. His generation so willingly gave to all of us so that all of the wonderful inventions and innovations we enjoy could come to pass.

As I have aged, it has been obvious that not having a son will be the end of my “legacy”. Basically, my stories will ultimately  disappear from the face of the earth. Maybe that is as it is supposed to be in the over all scheme of things. But it is kind of fun to think that for a short period of time, a few members of my family and some of my friends came to visit and saw a side of my life that is pretty common too… common to the men and women who chose to serve their fellow man in the face of a dangerous world.

Thanks for stopping by.

Mister Mac


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