“its not my fault … ask anyone who loves me”

The new 2012 Campaign Song

Sung to the theme from “A few of My Favorite Things”

Earthquakes, tsunamis, tornados and Europe
People in congress who just won’t roll over
Long gone Republicans from the West Wing
These are a few of my best excuse things…

When the debt climbs, when the banks fail
Unemployment’s up
I simply remember its George Bush’s fault
And then I don’t feel so bad!

Romney’s romance with Bain Capital finance
Evil and mean and he can’t even fast dance
Pictures of children without any shoes
Presented by people who pay union dues

We have no gas… I just killed coal…

Solar is a bust

The Global economy’s falling apart

But I’ve got rich friends…. So what!!!!

Holder is lying and everyone’s staring
Biden is bumbling and nobodies caring
Bill’s out there busting my butt every day
Even Spike Lee is beginning to pray

When the drones fail, when my budget flops,
When I lose Wisconsin
I simply remember that I own the press
And then I feel great again!

Michelle and the girls need another vacation

One that won’t irritate most of the nation

We’ll pop off to Beijing on our giant jet

My press corps will bill it as my biggest “get”


When the Russians, won’t be my friends,

When Iran is bad

“George Bush screwed up horribly”, that’s what I’ll say

And then I won’t feel so sad.

Who are you going to trust… me or your lying eyes?

Mister Mac


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