How much is that doggie in the window?

Its only spring but it already seems like the dog days are upon us.

Recent stories from both the right and left have made me doggone mad. I don’t mean to dog one side or another, but truthfully both sides need to remember that there are more dog lovers in this country that vote than not.



Angus and Rufus (our Chinese Shar Peis) have been hiding in the spare room ever since this story first broke. No amount of consoling seems to be helping and I am searching desperately for the Animal Crisis Hot Line Number.

IMG_0693  IMG_0692

Their toys sit uselessly in the little wicker basket in the living room as we try to coach them not to be afraid. Rufus clings onto his small red stuffed elephant from the last election and is gently gnawing at its trunk. He keeps insisting we lock the door to his cage even in the daytime now. Angus had long ago ripped the head off the blue donkey but he appears to be having nightmares and tremors as he dreams about its return.

Can anyone help us?


frankly, both boys are worried that the President will follow through on his threat to form a National Office of Animal Enforcement

With the Obama economy we can no longer afford their therapy sessions. I am worried that they may soon ask to return to China (even with its communism) at least they think they will get a better shake. Debbie keeps reminding them that dog is also high on the Chinese menu. Neither dog actually reads Chinese so it is confusing and disturbing to them. I have told them a few times that I am willing to move back to their birthplace (Tennessee) so perhaps that might work out. Pray for us please…

All is not lost though… both boys are still committed to placing their names into the hat if their country needs them. I ask for your support on their behalf!

DSCF0109 DSCF0114

Remember, God spelled backwards is Dog!!!

Would you eat God?

(our slogan of course)

Mister Mac

By the way, this link will take you to some shocking pictures. If you are slightly squeamish (and you know who you are) do NOT click on the link.

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