Never Again

I enjoy reading the foreign press from time to time. Its nice to see how others in the world see things and of course its always a nice break from having to see our lapdog press cuddling up to the President with favorable stories about how great he is, what miracles he has achieved in such a short time, and how awful those Tea Party people are. Some of the articles are actually pretty refreshing since “over there” they are pretty disappointed with “The One” . Their illusions about him being someone who was going to bring about such huge sweeping changes in America’s foreign policy have melted away like an ice cube in a hot summer’s day.



Is it just me or does it seem like the Russians and Iranian governments are just as far away as they were under that other guy? Chavez (as sick as he probably is) finds time to openly throw stones at our bully in chief. The other famously close to dying despot Castro even chuckles up his sleeve at the way America bought into not just an empty suit with a teleprompter, but a whole building full of them. Frankly, I am shocked that they have not rebuilt those missile sites and invaded South Florida.

Iran Missile Test Iran Missiles

The news today about that recent  “accidental” explosion in Iran’s “ammunition dump” has been pretty interesting. It turns out a fairly well known Iranian Guards Brigadier General Hassan Moghaddam was present and allegedly killed during the event which shook windows in Tehran over twenty five miles away. Must have been a heck of an ammo dump. Interesting that the Father of the Iranian Missile program was visiting an ammunition dump that accidently exploded.

Fantasy Foreign Policy… it’s a lot like Fantasy Football but with more ways to lose

Our sharp eyed foreign policy advisors have continued to allow the current inexperienced commander in chief to live in a fantasy land of potential foreign policy opportunities. My favorite one today was the agreement with the Soviet Union  oops, I meant to say Russia, sorry about that. This agreement is that the USA and the USSR oops, I meant to say Russia must first agree to any action Israel or any other country might take against the Iranian nuclear program.







History of course reveals how many times the Communists crap, sorry about that, I meant the Russians have worked closely with the Americans at the UN and other locations around the globe when it comes to crisis’s that could effect the balance of power, peace in the world, and of course cataclysmic events that could push us into a nuclear holocaust. (I am not sure if it is proper to use the word Holocaust when talking about Israel but I have seen it used many times in this fashion and I will probably stick with it.) I was on my first patrol in October of 1973 and I remember saying something like, “Well thank God for the dictators sorry, leaders of the Soviet Bloc who would keep this thing from boiling over.”


I am not privy to any more information than any other blogger on the internet. My clearances expired years ago and anything I may have known has long since been destroyed along with the brain cells that kept them by a fair amount of alcohol use in my earlier days. But I can, as they say, read a map.

Iran Missile ranges today Missile Map 2

Iran wants a bomb.

No one else in the world (except for the Russians and Chinese) seems to want them to have one. The leaders of Iran (both religious and puppets) want to see Israel eradicated off the face of the earth. They have spent a lot of time, money, and resources to help them achieve that goal. Israel stands virtually alone today since a certain party in political power kind of leans away from them (not being Muslim and all.) Israel is surrounded by countries that have recently been destabilized by the so called Arab Spring. A lot of guys who used to man a very tenuous level of support for coexistence are now sitting in prisons or dead.


I can’t imagine what it would be like to live in a country that is surrounded by enemies and knowing that your best friend is trying to break it off with you (while not losing the Jewish voters and money they provide). But I guess it would be kind of frightening and maybe even push me over the edge a little bit if one of those enemies suddenly had access to nuclear weapons. It would sincerely frighten me if I knew that the leader of the country I used to rely on was adamantly opposed to nuclear weapons. We aren’t talking about a Harry Truman here folks. The guy has stated publicly he wants to live in a world free of nuclear weapons.

What is acceptable damage? Would the world really miss Israel after over sixty years of wars and squabbling? Could a Harvard intellectual perhaps envision a world without such headaches from a country that seems to give him daily headaches? Hell, even the French consider the Israeli leadership liars and untrustworthy.

Here’s a thought. Just for a moment, put yourself in Bibi’s shoes. Look at the world around you from the frame of reference of the leader of a people who were once targeted for destruction by a megalomaniac and his armies. How long did it take for an isolationist world to intervene? In a world where a missile travels faster than diplomatic communiqués, how will you fulfill your promise to the people of Israel:

Never Again.


“In Mr. Netanyahu’s eyes, Iran’s president, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, is another "Hitler" whose aim is to complete what the Holocaust failed to do by wiping out the Jewish race.”

"People outside Israel don’t understand how profound memories of the Holocaust are, and how they affect future policy making," said Mr. Bergman, the military analyst. "At the end of the day, this policy of ‘never again’ would dictate Israel’s behavior when intelligence comes through that Iran has come close to a bomb."

It should prove to be an interesting Fall I think.

Mister Mac

By the way, whether you are a believer or not, I would take a few minutes and read Psalms 27. I can assure you that anyone who is of the faith has.

4 thoughts on “Never Again

  1. I was privileged to spend some time in Israel before the ’67 war and have nothing but the highest admiration for the Israeli people. Our “Noble Leader” should visit the Yad Vashem, not that it would have much impact on him, I fear. Thank you for your bang-on-target blog. I am a crusty old former submariner cum Army officer/multi-tour Vietnam veteran, and fear for our country. God bless you, Shipmate!

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