Sock it to me, Sock it to me, Sock it to me

US Army Heritage Center Fall 2011 043


53 seconds? How long can you hold your breath?

I was cruising around and some of my favorite conservative blogs today. In the aftermath of the impressive “Epic Fail” Rick Perry had the other night, opinions are all over the map about his future. Its probably fair to say he did not have his best night ever when his mind went blank. But I don’t think I am ready to say he is done. He is after all an accomplished governor of one of the most resilient states in the union. He can’t have been completely incompetent to have maintained that successful record for fourteen years. Plus, he actually served in the Air Force as an Officer which in my mind automatically places him about ten thousand feet above any community organizer you can mention.

I am not a Perry guy or an anybody else guy at the moment. I want this primary to be as rough and tumble as it can be. I want our guy to emerge bruised but not broken. The Chicago Way will be waiting for whoever survives and we need to be ready as a group for that. It does no good for us to trash each other and frankly, I sometimes wonder if Obama’s people don’t sneak onto conservative web sites just to try and cause trouble.


Malachi 3:3: He will take his seat, testing and cleaning the sons of Levi, burning away the evil from them as from gold and silver; so that they may make offerings to the Lord in righteousness.

The stakes are very high. We need a firestorm of refinement and anyone who has not had the sugar coated crap burned off before the next big contest with the evil ones is sure to set us up for failure. We must go through this process and frankly I welcome it. But let those of us who want a restoration of the American Republic remember that the craftiness of the enemy is his hallmark. His words poured out and soothed a large segment of our population long enough to corrupt their votes. It cannot happen again and the only way to overcome it is for a compelling and united message to emerge.


By the way, does anybody remember a guy named Nixon? Talk about stiff… then along came a girl named Goldie and an epic moment in lightness emerged onto the lexicon:

sock it to me, sock it to me, sock it to me


Goldie   Nixon

Having a little sense of humor is not such a bad thing. Just as long as when the real fight begins, focus on the goal remains the center of intensity. We need a warrior who is willing to do whatever it takes to topple the tyrants of socialism and bigger government. Bring on the ugly and may the best person win.

Winning back the White House will not be the real battle.

Trying to pull the country back together after four years of the most divisive regime in the history of this nation will be the real struggle. No one has any fantasy that the Occupy something or others are going to go away anytime soon, do you?
If you want to restore sanity to the mess in DC, we will need to band together.

Mister Mac

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