Target Rich Environment

Google the phrase “Target Rich Environment” and you will get about 5 million hits. One of my favorite quotes comes from a feel good movie released in 1986 Warning: PG 13 applies, if you are easily offended, skip past the quoted area “Top Gun” Maverick: This is what I call a target-rich environment. Goose: You […]

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Bullies Redux

There were three kinds of boys in Junior High School. First were the bullies. This group had probably grown up quicker than their peers and normally came from homes where toughness was considered not only a virtue but a valued commodity. Second were the “hangers on”. These boys weren’t quite as big or strong as […]

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The Circle of Life

I will be away from the keyboard for a few more days while the family gathers to say goodbye to Debbie’s Mom. Melva lived a great life but had been limited in mobility and quality of life for the past few years. As sad as it is to say goodbye, it is a great joy […]

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Freedom of the Seas

On this 236th birthday of the United States Navy, we should never forget the reason why the Navy was formed and why it will remain a part of our Freedom as long as there is a United States of America. The free flow of commerce is one way of guaranteeing a free nation. The oceans still […]

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Oh say can you see?

Baltimore City is just a short drive from Central Pennsylvania. The Inner Harbor is both beautiful and inspiring as a testament to what man is capable of doing when there is a positive reason to do so. High rise hotels and gleaming offices with mirrored exteriors compete for space in the skyline. Large corporations have […]

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Goin’ to the Chapel and We’re Gonna Get Married – Part Three Oh happy day, break out the bubbly, the Nation’s first gay marriage at West Point. I can barely contain my joy. Oh well. They can explain it to the big Guy themselves when the time comes. I am now officially done with worrying about traditions. Go Navy. Beat Army. Mister Mac I had no […]

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The Quality of the Weld

Being a former submariner, I have long had an interest in welding and the quality of welds. When you are riding a ship designed to sink that was built by the lowest bidder, proper and secure welds seem to be pretty important. The hulls of nuclear submarines are made out of a special steel which requiresvery […]

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