The Terror of the Sea

The Terror of the Sea – Submarine Warfare October 1914 Up until the moment that German submarine U-9 approached the cruisers she would sink on September 22, 1914, all submarine attacks were either academic of limited in damage. That does not mean that the many brave deeds that came before were not noteworthy, but in […]

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Killing the Sea Monsters

  Killing the Sea Monsters Two views on submarine versus submarine warfare were recorded after the end of the war where this type of combat was first initiated. Prior to this time, no submarines had been engaged in direct combat with each other. The challenges of the technology, the nature of the sea and the […]

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After the parades are over…

The Day After Veteran’s Day Proud… standing straight and erect with shoulders held back and eyes focused forward with a steel and resiliency that is unquestionable. Months of practice have made sure that even a sudden noise won’t change that. Crisp uniforms, flawless creases, perfect lines and hands glued in place at their sides. Chiseled […]

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USS Henry L. Stimson SSBN 655 “to keep peace you must be strong to resist aggression”

In a world where politics has become more toxic than a bucket full of radioactive waste mixed with every known chemical harmful to mankind, the example that Henry L. Stimson provided is the one shining light that still stands out like a beacon. Stimson was a war veteran, a statesman, a leader, and a man […]

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The Long Way Home

The Long Way Home This is a clipping from a ship’s newspaper (USS Von Steuben) that was dated June 23rd, 1919. The clipping described some of the details of the AEF being shipped home. This year is also the 100 year anniversary of the American Legion founding and both events are tied together. Over a […]

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