Coming Home

Home is the place where, when you have to go there, they have to take you in. (Robert Frost) Can there be any better feeling than coming home after a journey? It’s always exciting for me to travel around the world and in the past forty two years I have been blessed to see many […]

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Apollo 16: Losing the Dream

I was an astronaut in the 1960’s. Our launch facility in Western Pennsylvania was incredibly busy from 1963 to April 1972. We were cutting edge at the time. Not only did we have unlimited supplies of oxygen and “space” food, we journeyed well beyond the moon to find planets that even NASA had not discovered […]

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Location, location, location

After living near the sea coast for most of my life, living in farm country is a unique experience. What’s particularly interesting is that we live between several large chocolate companies and a number of farms. Inside the house, you can see the weather rolling in from a number of directions. But you really have […]

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Destinations Unknown

I have been travelling around the world for almost forty years. Much of that travel has been through airports and quite often those trips have been just before and just after holidays. I can remember surprising my folks a few times coming back unexpectedly from a patrol and seeing my Mom cry with such joy. […]

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