You have more of a right than you have been taught in schools

The right to bear arms. There is a lot of talk about your rights as a citizen. Most people do not know that there was a great debate duing the drafting of the constitution about whether or not to enumerate certain “rights” In the end, the Bill of Rights was included. The Bill of Rights, which is recognized as the first ten amendments to the Constitution, lists many rights of individuals. It is important to note here why the a bill of rights was not originally included in the Constitution. Most of the Framers felt that any power to infringe upon individual rights would not be legal under the Constitution, since the power to infringe was not granted to the United States by the Constitution. But the arguments of the people who supported a bill of rights eventually prevailed, and guarantees were added to the Constitution within a few years. It is also important to note that the Bill of Rights does not grant people the listed rights. The Bill of Rights simply guarantees that the government will not infringe upon those rights. It is assumed that the rights pre-exist. It is an important distinction.
Read the last four lines again very slowly. You do not have to justify ownership or reasons for posession to anyone when it comes to your personal property. The Constitution promises that those rights are inalienable and shall not be infringed.

If you willingly give those rights up, you will have surrendered them forever.

By the way, remember that the terrorist already don’t care about your rights.

Molon Labe

Mister Mac

Your rights

3 thoughts on “You have more of a right than you have been taught in schools

  1. Too bad that those most needing to understand this concept are those who don’t care. They prefer ignoring excellent essays like this and rather usurp the constitution for political experience.

  2. Reblogged this on How DARE They . . . and commented:
    The government CAN NOT INFRIGE on our individual rights. Taking the words of the Constitution literally – as they were meant to be taken – means that the government of the United States of America can not take away or stop you from exercising any of your rights, be that gun ownership, saying what you think (political correctness be damned) or any of the other rights of individual citizens.

  3. Thanks for the reminder, Mr. Mac. It’s important we don’t forget. You’re right too. they don’t teach you anything about this in school, for all that we supposedly had a “Constitution test” to graduate both grammar and high school, it was a joke. Keep everyone stupid, it’s easier to betray them if they don’t know what their rights are.

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