Can the Groundhog see his shadow underwater?

2023… the Groundhog says six more weeks this year…



Once upon a time on a submarine far, far away (USS San Francisco to be exact) a number of us were homesick for the place we had originally called home. In this case, it was Western Pennsylvania. The 711 boat was a hard working boat and once we hit our homeport in Pearl Harbor, we mostly said goodbye to our families for months at a time. That was a typical operational schedule for fast attacks of the day (early 1980’s). The Cold War was still running hot straight and normal and there were Commies to Counter out in the far reaches of the Pacific and beyond. Even though that period has long since passed, my good friend Bruce Cosby reminds me from time to time that some things are still classified.

But being homesick is not so classified. I think even the hardiest sailor has felt it at one…

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