So you want to be a Submariner? (circa 1943)

Being a submariner in 1943 meant placing your life in the hands of your fellow submariners in the face of very real danger… facing an enemy that was determined to stop you.


Every American Bluejacket from the early 1900’s to today receives a copy of the Bluejacket’s Manual.

The books were written to help supplement the knowledge of men who were being brought into the Navy. Many times, they lacked even a high school education although over the last century that has been less and less. Newer technology dictates that most sailors have the ability to read, write and perform basic mathematical calculations. The first volume was written in 1902 and as the Navy grew technologically, so did the book.

I have been collecting various editions over the years but they seem to be getting harder and harder to find.

One of my favorites is the Eleventh Edition from 1943.

The war had been going on for over a year by the time this one was released and I am pretty certain it would have been very similar to the one my…

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