2022 – A year’s worth of special days

April 2022 will mark the fiftieth year since I raised my hand for the first time to take an oath of allegiance to the United States of America. As a seventeen year old boy from Western Pennsylvania, I don’t really think I understood what I was doing other than to know that once I took the oath, my life would never be the same. It’s always like that when you make such a monumental decision. Frankly, I just thought that I was going to follow in my father’s footsteps and see the world while wearing a really great uniform. And having just received three rejection letters from colleges, it didn’t seem like I would have many other career options (besides going to work in the steel mill).

So in April, Mom and Dad drove me to the Recruiting station where she cried and Dad was happy that I was finally going to get serious about life. Now, fifty years later, I can still feel my hand shake as I wrote my name on the contract. I have my copy of it in my personal files and it was a very shaky signature. But oh, all the places I went. The adventure wildly exceeded even my imagination. Maybe this year, I will put more of those stories on the blog.

But I was reminded that there are a lot of anniversaries related to the military. I sat down this morning and put together a chart. I hope it’s useful to you next year. While I used a number of sources to create it, I can imagine I missed one or two and I will look forward to hearing form my readers if they think I should add any. Each date that is listed will have a blog to remind people why the dates are important.

If you want something added to the list, email me at bobmac711@live.com and I will try and accommodate your request. Obviously, I can’t add every single date but am certainly interested in the big ones.

By the way, I sometimes miss at math or dates. If you see any corrections to the list, let me know and I will work on getting it fixed.

That’s it for today. More in the next few days.

Mister Mac

Month Day Title Year Anniversary
February 3 Four Chaplains Day 1943 79
February 19 US Coast Guard Reserve Birthday 1939 83
February 28 Operation Desert Storm 1991 23
March 3 Navy Reserve Birthday 1915 107
March 5 Navy Seabees Birthday 1943 79
March 13 National K9 Veterans Day 1942 80
March 15 American Legion Birthday 1919 102
March 25 National Medal of Honor Day 1990 32
March 28 National Vietnam Veterans Day 2017 5
April 11 National Submarine Day 1900 122
April 14 US Air Force Reserve Birthday 1916 106
April 23 US Army Reserve Birthday 1908 114
May 1 Loyalty Day 1955 67
May 1 Military Appreciation Month 1999 32
May 8 VE Day (Victory in Europe 1945 77
May 15 Peace Officer Memorial Day 1962 60
May 21 Armed Forces Day 1949 73
May 22 National Maritime Day 1933 89
May 30 Memorial Day (Traditional) 1868 154
June 6 D-day 1944 78
June 12 Women Veterans Day 2017 5
June 14 Flag Day 1777 245
June 14 US Army Established 1775 247
June 23 US Coast Guard Auxiliary Birthday 1939 83
July 4 Independence Day 1776 246
July 27 National Korean War Veterans Armistice Day 1953 69
August 4 Coast Guard Established 1790 232
August 7 Purple Heart Day 2014 8
August 10 National Department of Defense Day 1947 75
August 16 National Airborne Day 1940 82
August 29 USMC Reserve Birthday 1916 106
September 2 VJ Day (Victory over Japan Day) 1945 77
September 11 Patriot Day (9-11) 2001 21
September 16 National POW MIA Recognition Day 1979 43
September 18 US Air Force Established 1947 75
September 25 Gold Star Mother’s and Family Day 1936 86
September 29 VFW Day 1899 123
October 13 US Navy Established 1775 246
October 27 Navy Day (Theodore Roosevelt’s Birthday) 1922 100
November 1 November – Military Family Month, Warrior Care Month
November 10 US Marine Corps Established 1775 247
November 11 Veterans Day 1918 104
December 7 Pearl Harbor Day 1941 81
December 13 National Guard Established 1636 386

5 thoughts on “2022 – A year’s worth of special days

      1. Mister Mac…I donate to DAV and they thank me with a DAV Calendar. I only went as far as January 2022 and found these “days of remembrance:
        16 – Persian Gulf War Begins (1991);
        27 – Signing of Vietnam Peace Accord (1973); and
        28 – US-Vietnam Cease-Fire (1978).
        I did go through your 3 references and did not find the DAV days.
        BTW, Thanks for all of your articles…
        Bob Graham (STS2(SS) – USS Seawolf SSN575)

  1. Great articles. You have a talent for writing and a strong bond to your nation and fellow shipmates. Keep them coming and Happy New Year!

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