You are late for watch – why aren’t you ready yet?

with the multi state storm, its always a good idea to check how well prepared you are for the unexpected. What if the power went off in your areas?


You are late for watch

Dreaded words. Despite your best efforts, you find yourself facing a hostile shipmate. Time on a submarine is precious and you just robbed him of some of his by being late. Let’s be honest. It happens to all of us. We think we are going to be ready for the next evolution but too often, time slips away.

A watch is a designated time when you are supposed to be ready to operate or monitor your equipment. On a submarine, we all have duties that have to be managed in order to meet the mission. I think it is part of what makes submariners so conscious of all the things that could go wrong.

Fast forward to this morning. During the daily scare (what some people call the news) we are fed the new information from the government that we should all be prepared to…

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