June 2019 – Mid Year Report for theleansubmariner

June 30th 2019

I thought I would take a moment to reflect on the leansubmariner page and my activities so far this year.

First, a huge thank you to all of you that normally visit. An even bigger thank you to those of you who take time to comment, “like” and share the page. All three are rewards for the efforts I put into the page.

Over the past six months, there have been a number of changes and additions to the page so this is a quick review of where I am at to date.


Its been a great year so far.

While the total “visits” count to the page is at nearly a half a million, the count for this year alone as of 0800 is 63,564. That is on track to be the highest single year total since the blog began in 2011.

There have been over 771 posts (not counting this one) since 2011. For this year, there have been 88 new posts. (Average per year is about 96 a year so we will blow past that this year).

Posts for 2019:

This is the anniversary year for the Polaris Program (60 years) so many of the posts have been about the 41 for Freedom boats.

There is a tracking page to follow the progress but I will be completed cataloging all 41 before the end of the year.


The five areas of submarining that are focus areas include

  1. Submarine Legacy – These posts focus on the early development of submarines and the Submariners that started the journey
  2. Submarines in WW1 – The growth of submarines that happened because of the First World War
  3. WW2 – The years between the wars and the greatest global use of submarines in combat to date
  4. Cold War – the evolution of submarines from diesel to nuclear including the advent of Polaris/Poseidon/Trident
  5. Current and Future Submarines – From the end of the Cold War to the future

Of course, there are many articles about lean and leadership scattered through the 8 years of the blog. That will continue into the future.

Changes and What is coming

Of course, the biggest change this year is the creation of a leansubmariner Facebook Page. New content and links to the stories can be found on the page. I throw in a few “extras” on the FB page that include pictures and shorter stories that might be of interest to the many submarine communities there. We are linked to at least twenty different submarine pages on FB and enjoy a good relationship with many.


The blog is also linked to “Linked In” and Twitter. Many of our followers find us that way.

http://www.linkedin.com/in/bobmacpherson1972               @Mstr711

There is a book coming soon. It will be about a Submariner who gave his life for his country after receiving the nation’s highest award.

In the mean time, thanks again for the many visits. More good stuff to come in the second half of 2019!

Mister Mac

theleansubmariner aka Mister Mac



5 thoughts on “June 2019 – Mid Year Report for theleansubmariner

  1. Thanks for the emails. I always read them. Never made the the new boats just the old one’s Ron Bycroft QM USS Sennet SS 408

    Sent from my iPhone

  2. Always read your post and enjoy them all. A late arrival for me,been about a year but have not replied to any of the blogs. My bad. Keep the stories and facts coming.

    J.P.Cota IC2(SS)
    1962 to 1968

  3. Love your page, Mac. As an airdale, I know little of your force but have learned a great deal in your writings. I understand the sacrifices and dedication to the meaning of duty, service, and country as so few of our people today do. Much appreciated. pal…

  4. Thank you Mac for your continuing emails of all things Submarine. I as many others appreciate all of the work that you put in on this awesome group.

    Greg Tait IC2 (SS) forward. USS Ohio “SSBN” 726G and USS Michigan “SSBN” 726B.

    1. Thanks Greg. America has been blessed with an amazing group of people willing to serve her in some pretty amazing ways. I believe that Submariners are among the finest of all for so many reasons.


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