We have the watch – Saturdays, Sundays and Nights

I recently posted a story about sea trials and the USS San Francisco (SSN 711). My shipmate EM1/SS Jerry Stanek was a Plankowner on the boat and has remained a friend for over 39 years. We don’t see each other much anymore but still stay in touch.

I mentioned that Jerry has a copy of the talk that Admiral Rickover gave at the completion of our sea trials. That is included with this post.

The words the Admiral wrote ring as true today as they did in 1981.

Admiral Rickover wrote letters to Congress as each of the SSBN’s in the Forty One for Freedom boats were brought to life. Those stories were later included in his book published in 1972 called Eminent Americans. I have been including excerpts from that book in my series about the Forty One For Freedom boats. To my knowledge, there was never a book written about the nuclear Fast Attack submarines that were being produced during after that same time. I wonder how many other Fast Boat sailors might have a copy of any material the Admiral wrote about their special boat.

Last thing. We have had a couple of gatherings for the 711 in the past ten years. I think we are overdue for the next one. The boat continues preparing for her new role as a training unit and new shipmates are taking on their roles as the keepers. I am looking forward to seeing them in our next gathering of the Saints. Thanks Jerry for always being a good guy. Hand Salute.

Mister Mac


7 thoughts on “We have the watch – Saturdays, Sundays and Nights

    1. Thanks for asking. Everything on the blog is covered by a general copyright but original material by another author is owned by the owners of those rights. The normal way I handle posting the material is to recognize where the source material came from (In this case the private collection of EM1/SS Jerry Stanek).

      Obviously, my wish would be that if you share anything, it is the link to this page where they can read it for themselves. It seems selfish in some ways but since readership is the only price I have asked people to pay, it seems fair to ask. The advantage to the readers is to find other submarine and historical articles that have been written to catalogue our unique history.

  1. Bob,
    Its great when you provide us with a good story about the various boats that we all have served on and some of us can find a shipmate that we haven’t heard from in awhile and renew that friendship.
    Thank you.
    Ed Corrao, QMC/SS, USN, RET.

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