400,000 – Thanks for the visits

I have been watching the counter on the blog and it has been slowly but steadily climbing. Sometime today, we passed 400,000. The number of actual visitors is actually closer to 250,000 people but the fact that we hit 400K today is still pretty rewarding.

Since the beginning, the blog has changed. A lot less politics and a lot more unique submarine stories. Several of the more popular stories are still getting hits. The one that has seen the widest amount of views is at about 33,870 views as of today.


This has been a labor of love for about seven and a quarter years. Sometimes I feel like I have just scratched the surface of stories that are just waiting to be told. Thanks for all of the views and feedback so far.

Mister Mac

4 thoughts on “400,000 – Thanks for the visits

    Keep up the good work as even though I was a SEABEE and not a Submariner, I STILL ENJOY ALL YOUR STORIES.
    Also, THANKS FOR PUTTING MY STORY ABOUT THE “AFDB-7 LOS ALAMOS, IN THE BEGINNING” ON YOUR SITE. I do enjoy the comments I get after someone reads it.

  2. Fantastic to see your work validated this way! Your posts are always informative and instructive not only in the history of submarines, but in the culture of the men who serve(d) on them. Thanks!

  3. The best way to increase your hits is to give readers a courtesy return trip to their sites. I for one, enjoy your post immensely, very educational.

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