The Line

As Memorial Day approaches, I know that all of us will be busy with tributes, ceremonies and parades of honor. At least I hope that we all would be so engaged. The truth is that many will be more focused on picnics and pools, parties and getaways, sales and sports. How far away from our own heritage have we drifted.

I will have the honor of participating in the Elizabeth Parade and Ceremony in Elizabeth PA. The ceremony goes back as far as anyone can remember and has been a regular part of my families tradition for nearly as long. I hope to be able to introduce a new poem written today for the occasion.

This poem is a reflection based on a vision I had about sailors today. I have copywrited the work so if you feel the desire to share, please contact me directly.

The Line

Mister Mac

13 thoughts on “The Line

  1. “Out of nowhere” is often the avenue for inspiration. Sometimes the light goes on in my head when taking long showers or while gardening, for instance.

    1. Thanks. The anniversary of the loss of the Scorpion was the main inspiration. I thought of all the men I have known over the many years during and after my service that fit this story so well. All of them had hearts of gold even if they were a little tarnished on the outside from all that sea water


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