Polaris to Poseidon – 1966 United States Navy Submarine & Missile Documentary


As theleansubmariner approaches 500 posts, I thought it fitting to post another great video of the boats that made up much of my career as well as others in the early days of nuclear Cold War submarines.

The 41 for Freedom boats represented a large part of a concerted effort to offer a countermeasure to Soviet intentions.

God Bless all of the men who served in this historic endeavor. You truly made a difference!

Mister Mac

Silouette of 598

4 thoughts on “Polaris to Poseidon – 1966 United States Navy Submarine & Missile Documentary

  1. I served aboard the USS Kamehameha (SSBN 642 – Gold Crew) 1972-1975 out of Rota, Spain. Enjoyed seeing the videos. It brought back some great memories.

  2. Tom O'Donnell - USS Andrew Jackson SSBN 619 - 1970-71 & USS Lewis & Clark SSBN 644 - 1970-73 says:

    I just looked at this site for the first time. I would like to find an original print of the 41 For Freedom Patches poster that I saw today. I would like to make quality copies if possible.

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