An interesting week


Thanks for stopping by. I have been out of town for a week doing a training mission for my current employer so blogging was put on hold. It was a pretty good session overall but had one life defining moment.

The training was at a hotel outside of Saint Louis and my team had decided to check out a day early at 0530 in order to make it to the plant we were supposed to visit later in the day. I was pretty zoned out from teaching for two straight days so passed on the meal that everyone else went to. I went to my room and started my nightly exercise ritual of turning from one side to the other in the vain hope of getting a good night’s sleep.

I have gotten to the point where I don’t sleep so well in hotels anymore. Maybe its the nearly twenty years of civilian hotel hopping to support my life and work styles. At about 0200 (2:00 AM for you civilians), I was so awake I contemplated going down to the lobby to scrounge for food.

As it turns out, its just as well I didn’t.



I’m glad they caught the guy. I am very sad about a fifty year old man who lost his life that night. When we left the hotel in the morning it was a surreal experience. Most of us talked about it for days. Coming back to work today didn’t make the thoughts go away either. The last thing I remember seeing at the front desk that night was seeing a pretty young lady with the most beautiful eyes and smile who set my wake up call. Thinking it was her who died made my heart sick. Maybe its just as well I didn’t see her relief in person since it made it only a bit less personal.

I guess philosophically you could ask the question about what a life was worth? In this case, I understand the killer got $200.00. I am really glad I decided I didn’t need that snack after all. I hope they don’t have snacks in the jail cell he occupies tonight.

RIP Scott Knopfel.

I’m sorry you missed Martin Luther King day this year.

I hear the parades were nice.

Mister Mac

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