The Submariner’s Lament; When you remember

When you understand

The story called “When you understand” was posted originally on Facebook in April 2014.

It has been shared over 9711 times in the time it has been on Facebook

On May 22, 2018, the short story I composed in October of 2014 (originally titled “When you understand”)

was formally registered with the United States Copyright Office with the title:

The Submariner’s Lament

(When you remember)  ©

Mister Mac

(In accordance with copyright laws of the United States of America, no version of this work (intellectual property) can be used or altered without express written permission of the original author (Robert W. MacPherson or his heirs).  This applies to all previous versions of the work titled “When you understand” whether attributed or not. The contents of the original work are incorporated in the copy write)

14 thoughts on “The Submariner’s Lament; When you remember

  1. As an old sailor it makes me proud to know that there are brave young men still carrying on the great traditions. Godspeed and safe waters.

  2. Something I posted in another FB Group, 41 for Freedom…

    Under black of night, she pulls away, leaving all behind.
    Her silhouette, no familiar contour or defined form.
    Her whispers, softly lapping at the darkness.
    No one to wave goodbye to her, sending her on her journey.
    No lover to kiss her tenderly, no family to miss her.
    She is one of…them….one of forty one….
    Each given a life only to give it for countless others…
    Many will call her their mistress…seeking shelter inside her…
    Though her namesake may be male, she is a lady all the same…
    Her power…their power…wielded by the many inside her.
    Pacing…ever vigilant…ever quietly surveying for those that would do harm…
    This lady of silence…hoping never to speak….
    Should it come, her words…her song…death and destruction.
    As all her children are we, here in our homes, in our beds.
    Never remembering that she is there….that they are there….
    Those forty one brave ladies….those forty one…..for freedom.

  3. Jack Sumner Chief Warrant Officer(retired), submariner and Father of a retired submariner that have gone in Harm’s Way in pursuit of Freedom

  4. Mac and Steve, you should have them printed on wood plaques for sale. would love to have one in my man cave

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