I want to wish you a happy new year. Really, I do… but I can’t seem to shake the feeling that this one won’t be quite so happy for most of us.


As we opened the new year (2013) I was thinking about how precarious life has become in this new age. A majority of the voters thought enough of Obama to reelect him last year. It would seem that there is a broad spectrum of support for taxing other people in the interest of “fairness”. The same seems to be their desire when it comes to spreading the healthcare costs to other people even in the face of doing so at a cost of people’s belief’s and individual freedom. And so it goes.

How did it all start? This little article from earlier last year gives some giant size hints. The ratification of the Sixteenth amendment is the crowning achievement of the progressive movement at that time in an effort to spread the money around. Remember this though: At its inception, there was supposed to be a permanent cap of just 1%.

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