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Its so hard to believe that nearly thirty years have passed since we lived in Scotland.

While we were there, we immersed ourselves in the local culture as much as we could given a very hectic work schedule at Holy Loch. But Debbie and I spent as much time as we could traveling around the country and experiencing all that we could. It remains one of my favorite memories of my career in the Navy.

The Scots invented many things over the years that have proven quite useful to mankind. The list of inventions and innovations is enough to make your head spin, so suffice it to say that they were (and are) a very clever people. See more here:


Watt Steam Can you hear me now US NavyGlobal Warming started here Important stuff

One of my favorite inventions though, is the Celebration of Hogmanay.

There are many legends of how the celebration came about. Hogmanay’s beginnings may harken…

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      1. That it does, Mac. May have a whole new definition for “Angles and Dangles” by the time we’re through/

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