Apparently Philadephia’s Democratic Mayor Nutter must have heard I was passing out money down by the Franklin… see story addition at end about his new “Humanitarian” program.
Misetr Mac


“I walk along the city streets
You used to walk along with me,
And every step I take reminds me
Of just how we used to be.
Oh, how can I forget you, girl
When there is always something there to remind me
Always something there to remind me”

The Sunday after Easter is always one of the poorest attended Sunday’s in the year. Even ministers often take the weekend off and hand their pulpit over to someone who they are not afraid of making too much of a mess of things. Only the most faithful are there and they spend their afternoon chatting about how empty the place was.

For me, two of the loneliest days are the day after Memorial Day and the day after Veteran’s Day.

The parades are all over, the speeches have been tucked away for another year, and the warm embracing feelings of the…

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