The War is Over

“As commander in chief, I have to tell you that there is nothing sadder than writing letters to the families of those who have made the supreme sacrifice. Now that hasn’t actually been done by a President since Lincoln, but I assure you that since I am a lot like Lincoln, I know how he would have felt. For that reason, I am happy to announce that I am signing a peace agreement with the people who have not really been our enemy in the overall scope of things. The really bad people we didn’t like are gone. We can now get back to shaping America in our own image.”

Franklin Delano Roosevelt, May 2nd 1942

The Japanese Imperial Army and Navy were overjoyed at this new prospect for peace as they steamed towards Port Moresby Their original goal of completing Operation Mo suddenly became achievable beyond their wildest dreams. The American aircraft carriers that would have engaged the enemy in the battle of the Coral Sea turned towards home and many lives were spared from this catastrophe. Most importantly, the lives of those Japanese pilots would be saved and time would be allowed for the Japanese fleet to actually grow in strength.

Sensing the betrayal of their long time ally, the Australians signed a separate treaty with Japan and completed the Greater East Asia Co-prosperity sphere agreements that would forever condemn millions of people to slavery and abject cruelty.

Well done Mr. President, well done. Gas up the big blue surrender machine and head off into the sunset to accept your next peace prize. I am sure the dead who made the sacrifices so far (and their families) will understand your need to keep your job.

So when does this part of our nightmare actually come to an end?

Mister Mac

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