Mercury Rising (Freedom Falling)

I like stealth. In military situations, stealth can be a great force multiplier. A small number of submarines strategically placed can mean the difference between victory and defeat against a far superior force. The only thing bad about stealth is that it can be used for good purposes or it can be used to overcome the will of a people for purposes of a small group of elitists.

As the current administration finds itself being made more and more like it is on the defensive, parts of the agenda driven fanatics have increased their push to leave a lasting progressive mark on the rest of us. Maybe it is because they see a potential loss of power over the course of the next year. The “Change” that was meant to be inflicted on an unwary populace has become very much more visible over the past few years and the people are becoming aroused against it.

Mercury was the god of commerce and abundance in the middle Roman empire. It has a number of meanings and has lent its name to a planet and of course to an element which has received a lot of attention over the years. Like many people, I remember playing with it in my bare hands and watching its physical characteristics with some amount of curiosity. Maybe that explains the strange way I think of things. Of course, if that would happen now, men with large hooded protective suits would show up with all manner of devices to handle the environmental tragedy.

The word mercurial has been used to refer to something or someone erratic, volatile or unstable, derived from Mercury’s swift flights from place to place. The stealth agency that seeks to destroy commerce and is relentlessly focused on an agenda that is far from being erratic. The Environmental Protection Agency is making great strides in putting all things related to Mercury in a protective place. This ultimate nanny state group will have more impact in the coming months than most of us have been aware of. The repercussions will be astounding.

Two articles have been brought to light within the last few days that highlight the “Fundamental Change” the administration promised.

Where does your electricity come from? For many, it comes from one of the largest sources of energy we have in this country: Coal.  But under the regulations still being shoved through the Senate and the EPA, we will lose over 60 coal powered plants in dozens of states in a very short period of time. In the staggering blow we all received as a result of the great recession, unemployment is higher than its been in years, tax revenues are down, and electricity costs are already through the roof. This agenda driven agency will rack up bills that will have to be paid by an unsuspecting public for years to come.

From the AP article:

The agency has estimated that 14.7 gigawatts, enough power for more than 11 million households, will be retired from the power grid in the 2014-15 period when the two new rules take effect.

The first rule curbs air pollution in states downwind from dirty power plants. The second, expected to be announced Monday, would set the first standards for mercury and other toxic pollutants from power plant smokestacks.”

As I said before, people at the EPA can read the polls too

They recognize that to get their agenda in place, it must be done now. The President has already started to put up his fire wall claiming that the opposition want nothing but dirty air, dirty water, starving grandparents, kids in chains and the return of the black plague. (Okay I might be exaggerating a little bit there).

In exchange for satisfying their progressive agenda, we will find an even higher unemployment level, whole industries will suffer causing a lessening in tax revenue, and your electricity bills could conceivable go up as high as 14% during a time when we are still struggling to keep ourselves afloat. Talk about tone deaf!

But the EPA is not just satisfied with one element of commerce. They are positioning themselves to take on a whole lot more:

Expanding their control over wider segments of the economy will create a nightmare of new regulations for businesses. We will no longer be competitive in the world since we will be hobbled by countless new regulations meant to protect us from ourselves. I for one am not sure I am ready to live in a country with more governmental controls that the failed Soviet Union. Are you? The threat is very real and is magnified with the fact that whoever is elected in November will probably be making some critical replacements on the Supreme Court. Dandy. An out of control federal agency backed up by a potentially out of control Supreme Court.

The ultimate form of energy for this country is freedom.

Freedom ceases to be a source of energy when someone else controls its flow. The government should serve the people, not the other way around. Frankly, with 14 trillion in debt, I can think of one agency in particular that could carve out a great big chunk of that deficit.

Well, I’m going out to put up the last of my Christmas lights.
I figure we might as well enjoy them before the EPA Enforcement Squads start cruising the neighborhood.

Mister Mac

“So if somebody wants to build a coal-powered plant, they can. It’s just that it will bankrupt them because they’re going to be charged a huge sum for all that greenhouse gas that’s being emitted.”

Yes, Virginia, elections do matter.

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