Update 4 on Hurricane Irene


Irene Update 4: Those Along East Coast Should Be Ready

Last minute Planning: While its better to be prepared well in advance, it’s still not too late to review ready.gov and see how well prepared you are if the worst comes to pass.


3 thoughts on “Update 4 on Hurricane Irene

    1. Well Mike, I am not sure the government is allowed to recognize the end times (that whole seperation of Church and State thing) but I have a number of other manuals I can lend you that might help prepare. Most of them are black and have gold lettering on the outside. But I can assure you that if that date comes to pass by some odd coincidence, my manuals can help get you through the day.

  1. I cant even believe that the government would bring up lack of funds to help out hurricace Irene victims. There should never be a time that any government says there is a limit to the resources that are available for victims who have lost their homes and their lives. I am ashamed to hear the discussion even brought up from FEMA and it does not belong in the media. We should focus more on helping those in need knowing that there will be every effort made to make sure funds are always set aside for disaster relief.

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