Miscellaneous… 1940

Miscellaneous… The Bluejackets Manual has been the mainstay for educating sailors since 1902. Prior to that time, the sailors were considered to be too illiterate to merit having a manual with instructions on how to be an American Bluejacket. For a hundred and twelve years, the manual has undergone a number of revisions to reflect […]

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True Colors

As previously predicted, Congress and the Administration are making something they describe as “Hard Choices” in regards to containing spending. There is just one problem with those hard choices: the people who cause this mess are bearing the least of the cost. That’s right, the elected officials that pushed us into the sub-prime mess, the […]

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Somewhere, Mrs. Stamps (my third grade teacher) is standing with her shoulders slightly slumped and shaking her head. She has just heard one of her students use a noun as a transitory verb for the hundredth time and feels like her mission of bringing proper English to the children of Mt. Vernon Elementary School has […]

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