Now More Than Ever – a Strong Navy and Peace 5

The Navy League has been tireless in its mission to support the sea services throughout the last 116 years. From its founding in 1902, they have tried to always live the spirit that Theodore Roosevelt embodied when he said “A good Navy is not a provocative of war, it is the surest guarantee of peace.”

Three years after he said those fateful words, the world was changed forever on May 27, 1905 when a smaller Japanese fleet defeated the powerful Russian Navy in the Straits of Tsushima.

This unexpected naval battle set the tone for naval conflict for the next century. It showed that a willful and resourceful nation could project sea power and influence the course of history in a way that the world would have to notice. It clearly demonstrated that no country, no matter how small or limited in resources, should ever be taken for granted.

Despite that warning, America was not ready for the Great War that was to come. We had lulled ourselves into thinking that the vastness of the oceans surrounding us would keep us from harm. We were wrong. An entirely new menace called the submarine destroyed that perception of safety once and for all. 100 years ago today, fighting men and women would serve in a cause that should have been avoidable. But the oceans brought the threat to us.

As many countries did, we relied on the promise of peace through disarmament when that war completed. The navy was shrunk and a peace dividend was expected in its place. It never came. Instead, the Axis of Japan, Italy and Germany once more used the oceans to project their power. We were ill prepared for that war too, but the drive and determination of the American people carried the day once more.

The global situation is much the same today as it was before the major wars. Countries are once more expanding their forces and influence through sea power.

  • China is pushing the boundaries in the seas and islands around her country that once enjoyed freedom;
  • A resurging and aggressive Russian Navy has a global reach and an eye on returning to their once unlimited status
  • Rogue nations that are seeking to capitalize on technology are once more challenging freedom around the globe.


On Memorial Day, we honor the fallen. We remember their sacrifices. But we honor and remember them best when we remain ever ready and ever vigilant. We pay them the ultimate tribute when we are once more ready to defend that which they gave everything for.

The Navy League stands with all of our sea services in paying honor and tribute to our fallen. We stand for maintaining the strongest military on the face of the planet. America stands for freedom in this world. In the face of so many challenges, maintaining that strength is the only way to maintain our freedom. America needs to be alert now more than any time in history.

Mister Mac

In the First Hour of the Next Day 3

I wrote this story a few years ago before the current North Korean situation evolved.

I wonder how real it could actually be

The launch was not detected by our satellites because they were looking in the wrong area. No one would have suspected that the slow moving foreign flagged freighter carried such a horrible surprise deep within its hold. The sea was relatively calm and the moon reflected off the water as the crew labored to set up their makeshift launching pad. They would only get one shot since their friends within the pentagon had long ago warned them of the surveillance system that would ensure their fiery death.


It didn’t matter though. There were four other ships that were on a collision course with history. Years of secret planning would return evil to the great Satan once and for all. The families had been told various stories but none of them were told the same ones. This night was to be a game changer in history. What 911 brought was a slowly unraveling storm. This night would bring calamity and finally equalize the enemies once and for all.

The rockets were crude. Built on an old Soviet design, they each carried one weapon. Just enough kilotons to cause some possible blinding explosions in the night skies above the major central cities. But if the Korean and ex-Iranian scientists were to be believed, an EMP would cripple the power grid within minutes of detonation. Allah be praised, the lights would go dark for a thousand years over the cradle of evil.

The US fleet was on patrol that night but for different reasons. The Philippines had been attacked by the People’s Republic Navy and all of the treaties had kicked into high gear. The carrier groups that were not already engaged in the middle east steamed with great speed to the far east. The coasts of America were completely empty as the smaller Navy (decimated by years of political indecision and a disappearing shipbuilding base) were carefully carved into smaller and smaller groups. The old alliances were unable to add much. They too had allowed their once proud fleets to shrink thinking that the US would always be there.

At 3AM the first rocket launched. Within one minute, the second, third and fourth went streaking skywards. When the lights went out, they took all of the electric clocks, microwaves,televisions, computers and garage door openers with them. Before the launch, you could fly from Boston to Norfolk and never see a darkened area. Now you couldn’t even fly as the combined bursts wrecked havoc on the power grid. Texas alone still stood as their safety breaks kicked in.

The Chi-Coms were monitoring the activity and feared a retaliation against their own country and ships. They launched a protocol that had secretly been built into many computers over the years which made the US Ships blind and suddenly without guidance. Not that it would have mattered. There was no one left to talk to and no way to do so. The Russians, also fearing a retaliatory strike had made the decision to finish the job while the US was in its weakened state. The amount of missiles reining down made any question of retaliation null and void within the first hour.

The few submarines at sea hunted down the enemies they could but within a short time had expended their limited weapons. A Mark 48 is a great torpedo but useless against overwhelming odds. The boats that could headed to Australia to wait for orders that would never come. The remaining surface ships were swarmed with low tech surface to surface missiles which easily overcame the now defenseless cruisers and aircraft carriers. There were just too many of them and the fleets were too exposed without their high tech systems.

The Arab street erupted in a three day spontaneous celebration. As the growing nuclear clouds slowly shifted around the globe, people started to become ill for no particular reason…

The morning before…

Life was very normal across the country. People drove to the supermarket and purchased their food in an orderly fashion. They used their debit cards to pay for them and loaded them into their cars and SUV’s. Often, they would stop by the gas station and fill up before heading to the bank and using their ATM card for cash. News reports had already indicated the impossibility of a military response to the threat being raised by a ballistic missile test.

Out on the highway, trucks were delivering food for the grocery stores and gasoline for the service stations. Overhead, jets filled with people on vacation or work assignments filled the sky. The internet was filled with stories about sports and gossip for the stars. Satellites beamed communications freely around the globe connecting businesses and families.

Playgrounds were filled with little children enjoying the summer in a carefree manner. Boys and girls fell in love and Mom’s and Dad’s worried about college funds and mortgages.

No one was prepared for the next day

Mister Mac

Naaah… it couldn’t possibly happen…

Half Mast or Half Staff? (I always get those two confused) Reply

From Wikipedia:
United Nations

At the United Nations offices in New York and Geneva, the flag flies at half staff at the day after the death of a Head of State or a Head of Government of a member state, but generally not during the funeral. Other occasions are at the Secretary-General’s discretion.

From the article:

UN flags at half-mast to mark Kim’s funeral

UNITED NATIONS — The flag of the United Nations flew at half-mast Wednesday at the world’s body headquarters in New York and its Geneva offices to mark the funeral for late North Korean leader Kim Jong-Il.

Choi Soung-ah, a spokeswoman for UN secretary general Ban Ki-moon, said it was customary practice for the UN flag to be lowered to half-mast upon the deaths of leaders of UN member states.



I can not think of very many other things that are so disgusting and despicable. Even allowing this despotic nation to belong and have a vote in the United Nations is another sign of how completely unredeemable this worthless organization has become.


In other news, President Obama requests to add another few trillion to the nations debt.

Here’s a thought… let the United Nations go where ever they feel like and stop paying into an organization that has made us the laughing stock of the third world. Win win for everyone… all the countries that hate the US will be free of us. We will save a big pile of money to help pay our deficit down. I know the idea has been floated for years. But sixteen trillion seems like a lot of money that we owe. We should bite the bullet and start somewhere.

I’m just prayin…

Mister Mac

How’s that Reset Button working for ya? 1

“We are the largest nuclear power,” Putin said, addressing supporters during a televised meeting. “And our partners have certain concerns and shake us so that we don’t forget who is the master of this planet, so that we remain obedient and feel that they have leverage to influence us within our own country.”

Its hard to believe that quote actually came from a speech made just yesterday in regards to alleged interference from the American State Department in the Russian elections. I would have thought it was ripped from the pages of the Cold War.Putin

Don’t get me wrong. I think its been great that we have had about twenty years of seeing a diminished Soviet Union Russian Federation. Although it has given rise to an underground mafia like infrastructure, it still beats the heck out of chasing those guys all over the world’s oceans wondering if any of them might go rogue or suffer a disaster more serious than the K19 and others near our coasts.

No no, this is a highly sophisticated satellite for TV stations, Don't worry

But anyone who thinks Putin and the Clown Posse KGB are satisfied with the status quo are surely out to lunch. My personal belief is that the day the Soviet Union died, Putin started plotting how to get it back. All of those naked chest pictures and wrestling bears with his bare hands are there for a reason. I like GW but I think he needed to put his glasses on (or take the rose colored ones off) the day he looked into Putin’s eyes and saw a soul. I have never seen the man personally but I know evil when I see evil.

Putin Horsing Around  I'll Be Back

Why do you think they are so hesitant to have an anti-missile defense system so close to their home turf? Part of that reason will of course be the weakening of a Russian offensive threat. But part of the reason is that in the grand scheme of things, it would be one more entrenchment of a future adversary which might justify an aggressive response when the Russians decide the time for charades is over.

I do belive in gun control_ as long as I control the guns

A regional war outside of Europe could trigger an unexpected response from the Giant Bear. Pakistan and India, Iran and Israel, the Koreas, and any of the other nightmare scenarios studied in war colleges around the world might leave the Russians feeling like it is a great opportunity to regroup its protective borders to prevent the slaughters of WW1 and WW2. Germany may react in a negative way to one of the oil shocks that will surely come and decide it needs to protect its national interests. The collapse of the Euro may send a weak shiver through all of the parties resulting in a closing of trade and borders for extended periods of time. Chinese aggression in the oil lanes surrounding their territory would be awfully hard to manage if all of these scenarios happened in the short space of time some predict.

Peace, baby Peace

In short, we are living in a very fragile time.

The United States rose to be a stabilizing force in the twentieth century. Distance kept us safe even when our military was grievously wounded at Pearl Harbor. The distance can no longer protect us. Space and weapons technology, electronic warfare on a national scale affect us all. Internal threats from not only “home grown” terrorists but from sleeper cells that are surely here will result in threats unlike any we have known.

Where are the internal threats? If I wanted to make a country weak, I would start with using their own honest intentions and the courts to soften them up. The more you can make authority weak and afraid of its own legal system, the quicker you can overturn them. The people who used to have respect for authority will openly flaunt it knowing they can pay a small fee and be right back on the streets. We see it almost every day with flash mobs and people attacking the police openly.

Golfer in Chief needs another vacation  You can trust me_ really

You weaken the country by encouraging people to breaking the laws in the name of fantasies like “Social Justice”. You create class warfare on a grand scale and pillory the extremely wealthy. Look how well that turned out for the French.

There is a glimmer of hope though. This country has withstood other crisis’s in the past and grown to be even more stable. The steadfast love for freedom and liberty will always rise up and trample the progressives who are blinded by a false utopia. A leader will rise up and bring a sense of strength back to the people. Businesses will no longer be afraid to hire people and invest in growth because socialists who want to take even more of their money will be made powerless. For every Carter, there will rise a Reagan.

688 class on surface

The Soviet Union did not dissolve because they suddenly developed a sense of fair play and justice. The Soviet Union dissolved because when we needed to be strong, we were. We were unapologetic, un-bowing, and un-fazed by the threats they alluded to destroy us. We proved once and for all that you can have Peace Through Strength. It seems like the current regime is bound and determined to prove to us that their path will bring us exactly the opposite. I have five nephews on active duty in three different branches. I would hate to see them sacrificed on the alter of political correctness.

Lets Win One More for the Gipper… and for America, The Home of the Free and the Un-bowing Brave.

Mister Mac

Win One More for The Gipper

Let’s Roll