Half Mast or Half Staff? (I always get those two confused)

From Wikipedia:
United Nations

At the United Nations offices in New York and Geneva, the flag flies at half staff at the day after the death of a Head of State or a Head of Government of a member state, but generally not during the funeral. Other occasions are at the Secretary-General’s discretion.


From the article:

UN flags at half-mast to mark Kim’s funeral

UNITED NATIONS — The flag of the United Nations flew at half-mast Wednesday at the world’s body headquarters in New York and its Geneva offices to mark the funeral for late North Korean leader Kim Jong-Il.

Choi Soung-ah, a spokeswoman for UN secretary general Ban Ki-moon, said it was customary practice for the UN flag to be lowered to half-mast upon the deaths of leaders of UN member states.



I can not think of very many other things that are so disgusting and despicable. Even allowing this despotic nation to belong and have a vote in the United Nations is another sign of how completely unredeemable this worthless organization has become.


In other news, President Obama requests to add another few trillion to the nations debt.

Here’s a thought… let the United Nations go where ever they feel like and stop paying into an organization that has made us the laughing stock of the third world. Win win for everyone… all the countries that hate the US will be free of us. We will save a big pile of money to help pay our deficit down. I know the idea has been floated for years. But sixteen trillion seems like a lot of money that we owe. We should bite the bullet and start somewhere.

I’m just prayin…

Mister Mac

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