7 Days

TAX THE RICH There is no more consistent siren song of the leftists and pre-communists than the one that focuses on the theme of taxing the rich and making them pay their fair share. Nothing says class warfare like identifying the financial inequities that exist in every society. More often than not, the root cause […]

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11 Days

Drip… drip… drip Scandals that emerge before an election are always tricky. Yet all parties are open to using the opportunity if they can. Occasionally, one comes along that is really big. The revelation of underhanded business deals that are fraught with connections to potential adversaries should be the largest threat to the candidate involved. […]

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12 Days

The Big Lie George Orwell famously wrote a book called 1984. This classic novel was written by Orwell and modelled around the Stalinist regime. In 1949, the concept that this world could really exist must have seemed impossible. Yet today, it could actually be a guide for how things have become. One of the main […]

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13 Days

The Tale of Two Sons I will freely admit that in the sum total of my life, I have fallen as many times as I have gotten back up. That is neither a confession nor bragging. I think that all of our lives can be interpreted as one thing or another at any given point […]

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14 Days

This country was born under some incredibly impossible circumstances. The Patriots that wanted to break free from the tyranny of the British Empire were restricted from purchasing arms freely and the regulations were specifically designed to blunt any organized resistance to the crown. An example of the bravery that was exhibited to get around those […]

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18 Days

So why did Donald go on NBC last night (October 15, 2020). After all, the network has been relentlessly attacking him since the election of 2016. The talking heads associated with both NBC and MSNBC have eviscerated him at every turn and offered absolutely no support or comfort no matter how well he has done? […]

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20 Days

A question of character. I’ve read a number of articles in the past few days about character and the current Presidential race. The press and the democrats (sorry if that is being redundant) have spent a great deal of time talking about the character of Donald J. Trump. Some people even would have you believe […]

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Angus and Rufus in 2012

I was reading VP Biden’s guest column in the Des Moines Register this morning and of course having lots of fun with the liberals who were posting comments of support. The easy part is, all you have to do is cut and paste any of Obama’s own words from his wide array of speeches and […]

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