This was a good day for America… and I hope it lasts

Whether you are a gun owner or not, this was a good day for America. The law triumphed over manipulation by those who would seek to circumvent it. The Constitution has been pulled, pushed, prodded, poked and pissed on by people who don’t like the things it says. Despite that, it has managed to survive […]

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Rise again…

This week, Christians all over the world are celebrating the holiest of all days, a day which is set aside to remember the Resurrection of the Christ. This day reminds us that there is an ultimate victory for those who are part of the faith… the victory of life over death. Like many people, I […]

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Thanks for your service… now hand in your guns

I rarely reblog someone else’s page but I know that I have a following of a number of veterans who have honorably served their country. I saw this one this morning and thought that is deserved a little more recognition. From the article written By Constitutional Attorney Michael Connelly, J.D. How would you feel […]

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What is America?

What is America? It is an idea as well as a place. It is freedom to live life as the Creator designed it not slavery to man-made restrictions. It is the belief that living with a purpose is far superior to existing under the yoke of tyranny or the oppression of laws made to limit […]

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Its bigger than you think

3,531,905.43 square miles. That is roughly the area that makes up the United States of America. We are certainly not the biggest single nation but we are also not the smallest. Last night, I flew over the section of the country between Atlanta and Pittsburgh on my way home from a business trip. The night […]

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