A super submarine! (well at least it was supposed to be in 1921)

In case you missed this story from January 2021… an interesting tale of early submarine development


You can be forgiven if you claim to be a submarine expert but have never heard the name Oswald Flamm before today. To be honest, neither had I before I ran into this interesting thread of information that gives a glimpse into his story.

Oswald Flamm, Born July 30, 1861; Deceased June 12, 1935, was a German shipbuilding engineer.

His influence was much more than someone who came to the US after the World War with a dream of building a monster of a submarine that would surpass anything that had yet been built. In 1888 Oswald graduated as engineer in shipbuilding and ship machinery. Just 31 years old became he professor in shipbuilding at the Technischen Hochschule at Charlottenburg. He was specialized in how screws functioned, stability of ships and building of submarines. The magazine Popular Science dated July 1930 mentioned that he invented invisible torpedoes and that he…

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