1954 – The year underwater warfare changed forever

Reposting a story from July 2019. Thought it would be a good launching point for the 2020 Fast Attack Series


1954 – The year underwater warfare changed forever.

This post was originally posted in July of 2019. Since 2020 is the year of the Fast Attack on theleansubmariner, I thought it appropriate to repost it with some updates. After all, it was the Nautilus of Jules Verne’s imagination that started the whole process.

And it was the Nautilus of the American Submarine Fleet that fulfilled his dream to a large extent.

How did the Nautilus come into being? Many credit the ultimate achievement to the sheer will of Admiral Rickover. What many do not know was the obstacles he had to overcome. This short excerpt comes from Hewlett and Duncan’s Nuclear Navy History:

“For an engineering officer in the middle echelons of the Bureau of Ships, Rickover’s intention was surely ambitious, but he had the advantage of supreme confidence in the soundness of his position. He began his drive for…

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