Veterans Day 2019 – Thanks to all who served

It was an honor to serve.



Original Post from 2014:

I posted this a few days ago on Facebook and the response has been pretty terrific. Lots of “Shares” and hundreds of “Likes” from all over the world.

The picture has been on the blog a few times but I was thinking about what a veteran really is. As I told a group of high school students today, I have never met a veteran yet who claimed to be a hero. Most of us are just content with blending back into civilian life at the end of our hitch (regardless of how long that hitch ended up being.) Its been over twenty years since I retired and I find myself more and more gravitating towards veterans groups like USSVI, American Legion and VFW. None of the groups I belong to have bars so when we meet its normally to associate with people who have something in…

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