Grand Theft Submarine – Stealing the U-111

Its been nearly 100 years since the U11 was liberated from the British and brought to America. Recent research has indicated an interesting Submarine Race in the United States. Two newspaper articles from the time period have been added at the end of the article.


Note: This article is a result of some research I have been doing in the past few days about an amazing submarine story related to the technological development of American submarines. The story was researched and developed using two reference books: United States Submarines, Naval Submarine League, published in 2002 and United States Submarines by Robert Hatfield Barnes in 1944. Its a little longer than what I normally post, but if you love submarine history and adventure, it might be a nice read for a very cold winters day.

Mister Mac

In the aftermath of World War 1, reparations were demanded by the victorious members of the Allied Powers. 176 submarines were surrendered to the Allies in accordance with the treaties and terms of the peace. Before the war, submarines had been scoffed at by most of the world’s Admiralties. British Admirals dismissed the little craft as being too slow to…

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2 thoughts on “Grand Theft Submarine – Stealing the U-111

  1. Lou here in Brooksville. I have a lot of ub history on my Facebook page submarine veterans. Feel free to use anything you want. 

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    1. Thanks Lou. I hope people will see this and visit your page. I have recently opted out of Facebook (which is harder than getting a divorce from my first wife by the way). I found myself being angry all the time and felt like a nice long break from the main source of my frustration was in order.

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