August 6, 2016 – Remembering Hiroshima

A special note from the Editor of the Site:


Today marks the remembrance of a fateful day in world history – The bombing of Hiroshima in 1945. The lives of every person on earth were changed forever by the use of such a horrendous weapon. Even today, the shadow of nuclear weapons still falls over the human race as more and more countries become armed with weapons even more powerful and destructive. As a former Cold Warrior that served on ballistic missile submarines, I can assure you that I am very aware of the potential for disaster that these weapons represent in the wrong hands.

The mayor of Hiroshima has asked all of us to remember the event and dedicate ourselves to eliminating all nuclear weapons. While I share the ideals of a world free from this darkness, I also am reminded that the weapon would never have been developed if another kind of darkness had not existed, The forces of the Axis performed atrocities upon innocent men, women and children and their leaders intentionally lied and misrepresented their positions for many decades before war became inevitable. I study the historical evidence from both sides and it is clearly evident that many choices were made that influenced the decision to use such a weapon.

We will probably never see the end of the nuclear weapon. Even now, dark forces around the globe are plotting the destruction of their fellow man in the name of religion or a misplaced ideology. Instead of holding up the destruction of Hiroshima as an example of something that should never happen again, I prefer to hold it up as a warning to all men with evil in their hearts. I want them to understand that a determined people is capable of the unthinkable in defeating an aggressor.


We still stand for freedom and will stand up against tyranny in any of its many forms.

While we pray for peace, we will always be on guard against those who promote war as a means to achieve their ends. The world should not be fooled by the current government’s passivity. Like the seasons, government’s change. But the American heart does not. Think long and hard before you decide to test us.

Mister Mac

Ohio on the surface

One thought on “August 6, 2016 – Remembering Hiroshima

  1. I agree with your comments wholeheartedly Mr Mac. It’s a sad situation we find ourselves in when God is removed from the picture. I recently heard a well known apologist say that he said to a leader of a country in the middle East, “that until we accept Jesus Christ on the cross, we will,(on both sides), continue to send our sons and daughters to the battlefields to die”. Jesus died to to remove our sins (the transgression of the law). When we accept him, our hearts are changed and we strive to “treat our neighbors as ourselves”. Until then, we must be prepared to do what is necessary to defeat those that want and try to destroy us and our freedoms. All you have to do is watch the world news and what is happening in the middle East and Europe and analyse “who is doing what to who” to see that it must change. They must be defeated at all cost.
    That leader said to the apologist, “You’re a good man. Maybe WE Muslims should try to learn “WHY Jesus was on the cross”, rather than argue against His resurrection”.

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