Deming’s 14 Points

Some great reading on Deming’s 14 Points. Certainly worth the read for a lean practitioner or someone just starting out in the lean world.

Agile, Lean, Kanban, and System Thinking

W. Edwards Deming’s 14 points are the basis for transformation of industry. Adoption and action on the 14 points are a signal that the management intend to stay in business. aim to protect investors and jobs. Such a system formed the basis for lessons for top management in Japan in 1950 and in subsequent years.

The 14 points apply anywhere, to small organisations as well as to large ones, to the service industry as well as to manufacturing. They equally apply to any division within a company and to it’s suppliers.

As you read through each of the 14 points below, ask yourself if they still apply today, either within your current organisation, or within organisations you have recently worked for. The answers may be surprising.

1. Constancy of purpose:

Create constancy of purpose toward continual improvement of product and service, with a plan to become competitive and to stay…

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2 thoughts on “Deming’s 14 Points

  1. Demings checklist was a way for both management and employees to test the integrity and quality of their leadership. Doesn’t matter how bad it was, if management decides to commit to these, their actions will show it. Same for leaders who start off with the right word–if not followed by deeds, it is meaningless and immoral. Warren Buffet said. Look for 3 things in a person: intelligence, energy and integrity. If they lack the third, don’t bother.’

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