September 2014 update

Just a quick note to all of those who have followed TLS in the past. I just completed a very trying period at work with a ton of unplanned changes so its been rough putting together the stories that I want to share. After a very needed vacation period, I am back in the saddle and hope to be putting some new material up within a short time.

Even with the hiatus, TLS continues to see a steady stream of visitors and with over 450 posts so far, I expect that to continue. The blog is approaching 179,500 and my goal is still 200k by years end.

Things I continue to work on: A bigger story about the submarine fleet between WW1 and WW2. While often discounted for their limitations, the S (Sugar) boats played a key role in preparing the Navy for the biggest Naval war in history. A lot of really important learnings came from that time period and some great stories about the men of the China fleet.

I had a great surprise this morning when I got a friend request on FB from one of my oldest buddies in the Navy. Bob Bradshaw. He is living in San Diego now and has an art business. We started and ended our careers fairly well aligned. I remember the day s in our apartment in Salt Lake Hawaii arguing about Richard Nixon in 1974 and then sailing together on board Hunley as brother officers. I had not heard from Bob since 1994 so this is a real treat.

His web address for the business is


Its pretty good artwork if I may say so myself. I would encourage you to check him out.

In the meantime, the work clock just rolled over and bills must be paid.


Mister Mac


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