“Ever a Submariner” by Jody Durham, MM2/SS (A Gang)

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I am obviously a sucker for a great submarine story. I spend much of my free time researching stories about a rare breed of men who chose voluntarily to sail on ships designed by their creators to sail beneath the oceans surface. I was recently introduced to Jody Durham, a fellow Cold War sailor (and a brother A-ganger), who captured the essence of being a submariner with such clarity that I felt like I should share it. These are his words. But truly, these are the memories I wish I could have captured half as well. This story is posted with Jody’s permission. Obviously, please respect all copyright rules and give proper attribution.

Mister Mac

Jody Durham

“Ever A Submariner”

“I liked popping the hatch at the top of the sail at sunrise and being the first to savor the scent of fresh air for the first time in 8 weeks… watching…

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