How to Observe Memorial Day

18 thoughts on “How to Observe Memorial Day

  1. I visit every Monday afternoon an air gunner who will be 91 in July.
    Two hours of pure pleasure talking not about the war but his fellow comrades.

    1. Awesome Pierre. Truthfully, most who have served focus on their fellow servicemen and women when they have remembrances. While I write a lot about my subs and ships, it is the people that made them sail that were the most memorable thing.

  2. I have a blog that pays homage to his squadron. It’s written in French.
    425 Alouette was a RCAF bomber squadron during WWII. It was the only French-Canadian squadron in that war. It still exists.

    This is the latest post.

    I have more 280 posts written since 2010. When people find my blog and want to share stories and pictures, I post everything.

    Never any money involved.

    It’s all about paying homage to those who gave so much.

  3. The day off is great. The cookouts are inevitable. No one begrudges anyone their long-awaited holiday weekend. But it only takes a short time and no effort at all to reflect and pay tribute. If you do nothing else to salute our heroes… Remember!

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