Sometimes I weep for my country… then I vow to fight on

Elizabeth PA Memorial Day through the years 019

Like many others, I spend a lot of personal time and resources preparing for the Memorial Day observance in my home town. It is not a celebration since the day was designed to decorate the graves of the fallen soldiers and sailors of the Civil War. It is not a party because the honorees made the ultimate sacrifice to defend their brothers and sisters in arms and ensure freedom could survive in the face of evil.

Ever since I was a kid, I have seen the crowds grow smaller and the number of children diminish. I grew up during the Vietnam war so this is not too surprising. The anti-war crowd used the tool of Anti-Americanism as one of their tools. Their work was done well.

This video is a clear demonstration of how far we have gone:


But I am not deterred. Seeing it makes me weep and laugh at the same time. Then I get more determined than ever.

What are you doing Memorial Day? If you live under the banner of freedom, you have a debt to those who paid the price to keep that banner flying. Teach the children. The schools probably no longer do. Take them to a service and teach them about reverence. You will have the whole summer to picnic and party. Do something remarkable this year:

Make Memorial Day a Priority

Mister Mac

MEB38B~1 Memorial Day Elizabeth PA 1988 005

2 thoughts on “Sometimes I weep for my country… then I vow to fight on

  1. I concur. I don’t plan picnics and other fun for this weekend. It is important to recall the sacrifices in life, limb, and mind in all wars, and how to improve the treatment of those who served.

    We need to remember it is our duty to provide appropriate health care as needed and other benefits promised to these veterans of our wars especially, but all to veterans who served honorably at any time.

  2. Thank you. I am also deeply concerned about our country and its future. The schools don’t teach respect for our military, our history. It’s been so subverted with lies and disrespect. I am hoping to visit the National Cemetery near my home where members of my family are buried.

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