Three Rivers flow on the banks of the Steel City

I spent a lot of time growing up travelling up and down the Monongahela River south of Pittsburgh PA. But it was always a special treat about once a year when we would travel up to the Point in Pittsburgh to and tie up to the wharf for a few days.

Lizzie Sue 2 Dawn Lizzie Sue Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh has one of the most unique landscapes of any of the major US cities and has long been a home to working people living side by side with those who made a lot of money through the industries that were prominent here. Steel, clothing, paints, food and so much more have helped the city to continue growing even in lean times.

Pittsburgh Skyline from Mount Washington Pennsylvania USA

How do you know Pittsburgh? What comes to mind when you think of her? I am a small part of a committee that is working on the 2015 USSVI convention that will be held here. As someone who had a business and someone with a passion for marketing, I am curious how others see the Steel City.

pittsburgh in color

Did you know for instance that Pittsburgh is known in some circles as the City of Bridges? Because of the rivers that flow past her (and one that actually gets its start here) bridges have long been a part of the cities landscape. We have a lot of tunnels too with astounding views of the city itself as you pass through them on the way in. A pair of inclined trolleys still runs up the hills opposite the city and offer tourists and residents a convenient way to the top of those surrounding hills (as well as a killer view).

428px-Montage_Pittsburgh  hilton-pittsburgh-and-towers

Pittsburgh is also known for its sports: football, baseball, hockey and college teams playing every sport possible. Education, the arts, science, casinos and shopping at our downtown stores that has delighted both children and adults at Christmas time for generations.


Once upon a time we were known as the “Smokey City” because of the mills built so close to the city’s center. Most of those are gone now and it surprises people who come here for the first time to see such a gem on the backs of those rivers.


What about you? What are your thoughts about how best to represent a city with such a diverse heritage? I would really appreciate your reply!


Mister Mac

One thought on “Three Rivers flow on the banks of the Steel City

  1. I really enjoyed Pittsburgh. Was there for the 2006 MLB All-star game. Walking the streets and bridges from the hotel to ballpark was great. Met lots of nice people along the way

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