Joe Sagnis

For those of you that follow me on Facebook, you are aware that the USS San Francisco SSN 711 brotherhood of “Saints” is mourning the loss of one of the early crew members. Joe’s remains will be cremated today and a memorial service will be planned for a later date.

God Bless you Joey. Gone too soon.



2 thoughts on “Joe Sagnis

  1. I just found out that Joe died. I was going to spend time with him in May – first time in 3 years. I last talked to him in late December. I’ve know Joe since 1988 – first on Oahu then Hawaii Island. I visited him in NY 3 or 4 times after he moved back there. Joe is a friend, a great friend. He is kind and non-judgemental to a fault, a great cook, and a very good photographer. His love of buddies in the submarine corps is so important to him. I write “is”, not “was” on purpose. I am missing him greatly and am sad that I was not with him at his passing.

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