USS Omaha (SSN 692) Memorial Park

April 19 is a special day for all former Omaha Crew members and the city of Omaha.

There will be a dedication ceremony for the park at 3:30. I wish them well in recognizing this proud ship and crew.


Navy’s USS Omaha Destined for New Memorial Park, April 18

OMAHA, Neb. – Key pieces of a U.S. Navy submarine that once patrolled the oceans are now destined for a new memorial in Omaha.

Omaha Parks Foundation is planning to create a replica of the USS Omaha submarine for a new memorial park next to Eppley Airfield in Levi Carter Park.

“This will be a tribute to our servicemen and women,” said Amber Miller, executive director.

When the USS Omaha was retired, the sail and rudder were saved and stored. The city has been working for the last three years to bring them to the heartland.

Miller is heading a campaign to raise $1 million to integrate those real-life pieces with a full-length, 362-foot concrete footprint of the submarine. Crews have already staked out the outline of the submarine at Levi Carter Park, with the stern pointing to the south and the bow pointing to the north.

“When complete, you will see a replica of the submarine as if it were surfaced on the water,” Miller said.

The Navy’s former USS Omaha submarine was in service from 1976-1995. It was used in the Cold War and was part of a class of nuclear-powered attack submarines that starred in the movie “Hunt for Red October.”

Miller said memorial would be used for ceremonies and community events.

“There will be several areas that will be dedicated for donor plaques, bricks,” Miller said.

The Parks Foundation is planning to kick off its fundraising efforts with a ceremony at the park Friday at 3 p.m. The Parks Department has already pledged $250,000 to jump-start the campaign


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10 thoughts on “USS Omaha (SSN 692) Memorial Park

  1. Served on board Omaha as a member of the commissioning crew until 1979. Returned as Chief of the Boat in 1982.
    The city of Omaha should be proud of this this memorial as it pays tribute to the men and women of the armed forces and their contributions to the freedoms we all enjoy.

      1. Larry :

        Surprised to see you’re still interested in the world of submarines, but am really happy to see someone still remembers me. Linda and I are living in Maine. My e-Mail is Would really like to reconnect.

    1. Greetings to my Ole’ COB & Shipmate. I was there on my OMAHA for 2 tours also! There & Back Again! You were my 2nd COB & for me… You were it’s Top! I can still here Your horse voice Encouraging the likes of me to be Most Outstanding in every area of my Life… I will be Forever Grateful for my Time on my OMAHA Home that I grew uP on! Denny Walsh ET1 (SS) Re fired Not Retired 🙂

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