Why We Fight… December 5, 1942 versus December 5, 2012

Grabbing obscure stories from the past has become a bit of a hobby.

Most of the people who follow my blog know that I have been focusing on historical events from seventy years ago. Most of my writing has been about war fighting and technical details. The greatest generation was supported by an equally great generation that thought little of themselves and everything about others.  Today’s article hits home in ways I hadn’t really thought about as the idea formed.

December 5 1942 was less than a year after the infamous attack on Pearl Harbor

December 5  1942 Carolina Times

. The country was struggling with shortages, war bond sales, sacrifices at every level an in every place. Gasoline was being rationed and homes were a lot colder every night as people shared a sacrifice for the fighting boys around the world.

I ran across a copy of one of the Durham NC papers that had an editorial about Why We Fight part of the Four Freedoms President Roosevelt had been promoting to a country that needed leadership.

WFF part 1

Worshipping openly? Sacredness of the individual’s rights to worship???


“Its always been faith in the Divine…”

How inspiring. It must have been a lot of comfort to people to read these words from their freely elected leader and his representatives. Millions of her sons were giving their all in every theater in the world. Sadly, many parents were also receiving telegrams saying that their son would not be coming home. Faith in the Divine may have been the only small thread that kept them from falling apart.

Fast forward to December 5 2012


Cadet quits, cites overt religion at West Point

Associated Press

AP Photo
AP Photo/Jim McKnight

ALBANY, N.Y. (AP) — A cadet quitting West Point less than six months before graduation says he could no longer be part of a culture that promotes prayers and religious activities and disrespects nonreligious cadets.

The article goes on to talk about some organization that “soon to be former Cadet anti-Christ” belongs to is trying to kick God out of the Military.

Soon to be former Cadet (anti-Christ) said he hears about the plight of other nonreligious cadets in part through his involvement with the West Point affiliate of the Military Religious Freedom Foundation. The founder and president of that advocacy group said Page‘s action is a milestone in the fight against "fanatical religiosity" in the military.

"This is an extraordinary act of courage that I do compare directly to what Rosa Parks did," said Mikey Weinstein.

Page, who is from Stockbridge, Ga., and who was accepted into West Point after serving in the Army, said he was notified Tuesday of his honorable discharge. He faces no military commitment and will not have to reimburse the cost of his education.

Holy Sacred Cow Batman!!! The anti-Christ soon to be former cadet doesn’t have to repay the American taxpayer one thin dime for his fraudulent theft of goods and services that others were denied???

Brings a whole new meaning to the idea of what some were fighting for… we just maybe didn’t see it coming

He walks out of there with an education that you paid for in exchange for the anticipation of his service to defend you. If that doesn’t make you just a bit mad, you are one very forgiving Christian and or other understanding religion. As he got the news about his wonderful luck, I wonder if he didn’t accidently say a quiet “Thank God”.

Naaah… probably not. West Point has gotten so weird lately.

Mister Mac

Here’s a thought.. I wonder fi he celebrated the first gay wedding last weekend at the West Point Chapel… if not, would he be a gay hater? Shouldn’t we be punishing him or something?

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