Marathon Man

As of this afternoon, the New York Marathon will go on thanks to the bold decision of Mayor Bloomberg who supports the President for reelection.


As of this afternoon, millions of people are struggling to find food, shelter, warmth, electricity, a place to wash their bodies and clothes and so on. If you have ever lost power for a few days you know how inconvenient that can be. Now imagine ti will not be turned on for another week.

People who had temporary shelter have been ordered out of their hotels to make room for higher paying marathoners. Interestingly enough, gasoline shortages abound all the way around the city and in many of the surrounding areas. Will the marathoners be bringing their own gas with them? Or perhaps they will do a warm up run.

I can envision the mayor and his guests tonight sipping beverages and eating warm toasties as they prepare for the grueling weekend ahead. His socks are dry, his suit is pressed and a vehicle awaits his every need including a police escort to make sure he doesn’t get bogged down anywhere. The side streets will be blocked off by multiple police also.

Meanwhile, the gas lines grow, people are diving in dumpsters, and friends of mine don’t know where their next meal is coming from. Police will not be in many neighborhoods tonight and without the necessary generators, people with questionable values will rule the night.

I hope you have a lovely run Mayor Bloomberg. I hope all of you runners who are more self focused than civically focused don’t hurt yourselves running on all that hard pavement. Maybe some of you will even bring a few cans of food. But honestly, I hope with every step you take you choke on your own spit for causing more harm to the people who need desperate help.

I only have one question; would we ever hear the end of this if George Bush was still President?

Selfish Morons

Mister Mac

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