Normally I would wait for a few months before reblogging. I missed the China Japan connection the first pass. It does add a certain dimension of reality


I wrote this story a few years ago before the current North Korean situation evolved.

I wonder how real it could actually be

The launch was not detected by our satellites because they were looking in the wrong area. No one would have suspected that the slow moving foreign flagged freighter carried such a horrible surprise deep within its hold. The sea was relatively calm and the moon reflected off the water as the crew labored to set up their makeshift launching pad. They would only get one shot since their friends within the pentagon had long ago warned them of the surveillance system that would ensure their fiery death.


It didn’t matter though. There were four other ships that were on a collision course with history. Years of secret planning would return evil to the great Satan once and for all. The families had been told various stories but…

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