I thought there would be a lot of obstacles to trying to build a business but..

I have spent the last few days on the phone, on the internet, at my keyboard and here it is late in the evening and I still need to burn off some of the days unresolved stuff.

I had a goal this week to finish my speakers book and I fixed that at about 10 PM this evening. It will end up on my business web site but it’s a compilation of about forty years worth of living, working, travelling, and taking more pictures than I ever thought I would in a lifetime. I have this strange hobby that includes getting up in front of a group of people and trying to inspire, motivate, entertain, educate and occasionally scare the crap out of.

In case you are curious, I have over 108 distinct topics and another several hundred that have the research done and are waiting to be crafted into talks. I hope to be finished before I hear that voice calling me towards the bright lights (again).

A good friend of mine has hooked me up with an important speaking gig for next Monday (I hate too much notice, makes me nervous). The state’s Future Business Leaders of America will be having their 61st annual meeting and I will be one of the morning break out speakers. My subject is about leadership and the title is:

Leadership is easy… getting them to follow you is the tough part

3800 young men and women from all across the state will gather near here and have two very interactive days of learning, competition, and leadership skills. I feel blessed to have been asked to participate. They even have a dress code and if they can’t follow it, they get sent home!!!

Back to the business. Building a business has all the normal obstacles which challenge everyone… money, time, customers, taxes, insurance, contracts, paperwork and on and on. Both the state and the feds have made doing a small business pretty daunting. I have begin to understand more of the process though as I have been attending sessions given by the Department of Labor, Department of State, Chamber of Commerce, SCORE, the Veterans Administration and on and on. Fine folks and frankly I am glad they are there. They all have two things in common though… none of them actually runs a small business and eventually the money I make will pay their salaries. Maybe that’s why they all seem so sincere about hoping for my success.

Its okay. As a Vietnam Era vet, I could have used the points that I didn’t really earn. There were not a lot of FBMs operating off of Hanoi. In retrospect, that might have tilted the outcome a bit more towards us, but that is for another day. As scary as it is to stand in front of 3800 high school students on a Monday morning, I wouldn’t trade that for all the security in the world.

I was going to talk about Nancy Reagan tonight but the thought of JF playing her in a movie might make me break my normal rules of etiquette. Some where in heaven, Dad is trying to organize the American Legion and VFW to see if something can be done. If I know Dad, she better have some healthy lightning insurance.

I was also going to talk about Spike Lee this evening and what a foul piece of excrement anyone is that would tweet the address of a fellow human being, get the address wrong, and then not say “OOPS, My bad” or whatever else gangsters say these days when they are incredibly stupid.

I was even thinking about talking about one of my favorite congressmen from Georgia (Won’t Guam Tip Over Admiral?). Apparently my old friend was on the floor of the House today violating the constitution (you know, due process and fair trials).

Finally, the New Black Panthers and their defense team at the Justice Department are still walking around free tonight. I dare you to do something tomorrow… call NBC, CBS, ABC, and those delightful folks over at MSNBC and tell them you want to put out a hit on any one of the Black Panthers. See how long you would be walking around a free person.

Any justice you may have expected from the White House will have to wait. Until the majority of this country wakes up and smells the coffee, we will be stuck with a justice department that knows neither justice nor bounds. They do have a great deal on guns though (Just pretend to be a Mexican gangster)

On the bright side, my small business start up may have gotten a break this week over at the Supreme Court. The cocky arrogant swagger of the people in the West Wing has been replaced with a loud sound of wailing and teeth gnashing. I am not sure if this middle of the night back alley law is dead or not. But watching the left implode is the joy of my night.

I only wish I had bought stock in Jack Daniels a while ago. My gut feeling is that it’s probably flowing like water inside the beltway tonight.

Well, good night America wherever you are. Keep your go–bag ready and your powder dry. Its gonna be a long hot summer.

1943 Army Poster

(Well at least the real Americans would anyway)

Mister Mac

33° 37′ 45.1″ N, 112° 22′ 4.07″ W

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